We appreciate all that Roo Club Athletic Fund members do for the program.  As a thank you, several programs and benefits are made available to membership.

UMKC Current Students

Membership is FREE for current UMKC students. Enrollment is necessary to activate membership. A member t-shirt, entry into the Roo Club Roowards program and unique student events will be offered in addition to the many other Roo Club member benefits.

Alumni and Friends

The core group of Roo Club supporters, UMKC Alumni and friends receive benefits based on their annual gift amount.

UMKC Recent Graduates

Just graduated or know a recent grad? Roo Club membership is FREE for UMKC recent graduates for their first year after completing a degree. Enrollment is necessary to activate membership. Special networking events and all indicated Roo Club member benefits are included.

Kids Club

Kids may now follow the lead of their parents by becoming a Roo Club member. Kids Club membership begins at only $25. Membership includes a fun Kids Club t-shirt, a special message from Kasey the Kangaroo and discounted birthday party opportunities.

Young Professionals

Individuals under 30 years of age may join the Roo Club at a special $50 introductory rate. Included is a 100% soft credit* match equivalent to the account’s donation amount. This soft credit may boost membership into a new Roo Club membership level, thus providing additional perks. Invitations to networking events will be made available outside of the many Roo Club member benefits.


A special $50 entry rate is available for UMKC faculty and staff. In addition a 100% soft credit* match will be added based on the qualifying account’s donation amount. The amount will count toward membership benefit levels!

Varsity Alumni

Former UMKC student-athletes are eligible to join the Varsity Alumni membership at $50. Members will receive a 100% soft credit* match, a membership pin and invitations to team related events.  Learn more on our Varsity Alumni page.