Roo Club Athletic Fund (Area of most need)

An unrestricted annual gift to the Roo Club Athletic Fund benefits the most student-athletes. Contributions to the Roo Club provide funding for scholarships, sports medicine, academic services, and many more necessary student-athlete needs.

Cash, credit card, stock and securities transfers are all accepted.  Automatic payment schedules are also available.

Restricted Donations

Donations restricted to specific teams, endowments, and capital facility projects are necessary to attract and retain Division I level talent. Contact the Roo Club for information about giving to these causes.

Sport Specific Gift Designations (toward operational expenses)


Locker Sponsorship

The opportunity to sponsor a locker for your team of choice is open to all Kangaroo fans. Locker sponsorships require a pledge  given over three years, and include a personalized plaque that will be displayed within each player’s locker. You will also have the opportunity to include a short motivational message on the plaque that will appear under your name.

Matching Gifts

Many corporations offer the opportunity to match donations made to non-profit organizations. Matching gifts directed to UMKC Intercollegiate Athletics will help raise necessary funds needed to promote student-athlete success. Please check with your human resources office to determine if your organization offers this benefit.


In-kind giving is an important way to provide support. Approved budget relieving goods and services may be provided in exchange for Roo Club membership credit. Please contact the Roo Club with questions regarding the gift-in-kind program.

Planned Giving

Play a role in the future of UMKC Athletics by considering us when arranging your estate planning. Leave a legacy and make a significant impact with a life insurance gift, retirement plan gift, and/or a bequest in your will. For assistance please contact the Roo Club.